Little Mr. GEORGE

by Mitch & Jocelyn
(Simi Valley, CA)

Mr George Is 7 months/1 wk. old. He weighs 81 lbs.

George & I have a personal trainer. George can sit, stay, down, come, get the paper, heel and won't bolt. He's about 75% at all the commands. It's a lot of work!!! But he'll get it.

I feed him a little more than a cup of his food with some milk a cooked egg or some bread crumbs at 7:30, than maybe a half a cup with treats at noon, than at 6:30, he gets the same as morning.

I just don't want him to get fat and lazy, we walk and go to the dog park all the time and he has his own personal trainer.

HE'S THE BEST and he's a long hair GSD.

I'm very proud of him… (his mom has him lay on his bed while we have dinner.)

We love him so much!!

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