Marlie, my German Shepherd Husky mix

by Emely
(Hunstville, Ontario Canada)

Marlie, my German Shepherd Husky mix

Marlie, my German Shepherd Husky mix

Her name is MARLIE. My family and I got her at the animal shelter

We don't know of her parents as she was left to survive on her own in the woods without any water, shelter or food.

Marlie is our precious little mutt! And our first family pet ever.

Marlie being the breed she is, she is only medium size dog and very sweet, and very loving. Lots of people think she's huge, but she isn't. She just starting to growl, explore, and do a lot of things that dogs are supposed to do, whereas, before, she just sat and look very sad.

She loves my kids, my husband, and I, and she is so smart that training was not an issue. We love her and she is the best pet we have ever owned!!!

She would't even scare a fly, that's how friendly she is.

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