Max at 7 Months old and 77.5 Pounds

GSD Max at 7 Months

GSD Max at 7 Months

We have a 7-Month old GSD. At 77.5 lbs, he is very skinny and lean.

Most people say he'll be over 100 lbs. easy, but will see. The only problem i have is that he does not eat well. I would expect him eating us out of the house :)

Don't really know how he's gaining weight :) 100% Health, no warms or illnesses.

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5 months
by: Bozworth

Bozworth is 5 months old and weighs 53.7 lbs.

I have him on a raw food diet, with occasional kibble.

Try the raw food diet. Also make him chicken soup with brown rice, broccoli and sweet potato. Raw lean meats are good too.

Try giving the omega fats too.

Weight question
by: Allison

My GSD Chase is almost 5 months.

At 4 months he was 33 pounds. I think he is probably 40ish now. A lot of people think he is going to be over 100. What do you think? He is 21 inches tall right now.

by: Anonymous

My GSD, Thor, is 18 months old and weighs 105 lbs.

He's not fat, very lean and muscular. He seems bigger than most GSD, is he done growing??

German Shepherd
by: Anonymous

I have had two German Shepherds and both looked very thin at 12 months. At two years old, the male was about 90 pounds and the female was 95 pounds. Both the ones that I had filled out after a year.

Update to Max
by: vg

Max is 3 years old now and at about 100 lbs. Very healthy... And at this point I guess I can say we were worried for no reason. He eats twice a day (Nutro brand food - large breed adult).

He spends lots of time outside, we have about 1 acre lot with invisible fence. We let him out in the morning and back at 6 or so. When cold of course, he is in and out all day.

Lots of time outside in any case.

some advice
by: Anonymous

Same issue... Philo here is about 7.5 months and weighs close to 70 lbs very active, out for about 2 hrs a day. Height is about 25 inches so wondering if he will ever grow.

Saw another GSD at PetSmart and he looks huge at 8 months :(

Kinda worried about our guy.

We got him from a rescue. We were told he was a pure breed. His ears and paws are insanely huge.

Any replies would be much appreciated.

He has been with us for like half a month.


Max is at about 100 lb now

Max is about 19 months now and at about 100 lbs.

German Shepherd size
by: Anonymous

My German Shepherd (Jack) is 10 months old and is now 80 pounds. He is extremely lean, as I exercise him daily for a at least two hours each day.

The vet ventured a guess that he would reach about 120 pounds when full grown.

Best dog I have ever had! Extremely loyal, and listens well.

Are they really skinny?
by: Karis

I got here coz I was curious.

Our Champ is 7 months and he is really skinny but eats a lot. He is also healthy, so I'm wondering if he'll grow bigger...?

I'm not sure when this article was posted but he looks just like Champ. Can you let me know Max's update?

Excited to hear from Max :)

Just an update...
by: Anonymous

Just to update this...

Max is now is 10 months @ 83.5 Lbs

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