Miracle Dog

by Kirstie Pliler
(Bowling Green MO)

Oliver, our GSD Husky mix miracle dog

Oliver, our GSD Husky mix miracle dog

My dog's name is Oliver.

We rescued him from a dirty house a few towns away from ours. I don't know anything about the parents but him and his brother have play dates every week and he absolutely enjoys it.

My dog is an only dog but we also have a Persian cat and he is afraid of her. She plays with him a lot and they enjoy each others company.

Whenever he was little he had 29 seizures in one night. We immediately drove him to the vet and they told me that he had a chemical imbalance in his brain and he has went blind in both eyes and had an excessive amount of brain damage. The vet told us that he wasn't going to live but that they would need to keep him over night to do whatever they could to keep my precious little baby alive.

A week later, we were able to pick him up and he was even more precious than he was before. Now here we are a year later and we haven't had anymore problems.

He is a happy healthy dog with a loving family.

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