Miss Toots

by Victoria
(UK London)

Just after spaying

Just after spaying

Her name is Toots. I got her in Israel.

She is possibly a GS Husky mix.

Her appetite is average! For exercise, she gets at least 1 hour a day walking and 1 hour a day playing with other dogs.

She is just under 1 year old and is very calm and obedient. Pulls on the lead slightly. If she picks up a toy, you can take it from her mouth and she will just give it to you calmly.

Very sociable with other dogs, calm around really hyperactive dogs, assertive yet submissive. Great around children and babies. Off the lead, can trust her to 'disappear' for a few mins, she always returns.

Likes to pick up stones, but does not swallow or chew them. Not at all vocal apart from a gentle bark (followed by a chase) when she sees a cat! Loves big chewy bones. Loves affection, but not needy.

Not quite as big as an average German Shepherd. Very trainable.

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