My beautiful Kaja

by Anita
(Johannesbuth, Gauteng, South Africa)

Very happy with herself after destroying the garden :)

Very happy with herself after destroying the garden :)

Her name is Kaja.

I adopted her after she was run over on the highway. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about her parents or background.

She is one of 5 dogs. Generally she gets along well with them but the other dogs growl at her when she wants to play.

She has the most loving nature i have seen in a dog in a long time, fetches the ball and brings it to you although was never trained to do that. She LOVES the swimming pool. Tends to chase the other dogs away when they come near you, that's when they start growling at her.

Other than that, she has chewed many pairs of shoes, dug up the garden, but I have noticed she has calmed down a bit after her 1st heat. She is about 1 now I presume, the vet who treated her after the accident said she looks to be about 4-5 months old, I have had her for 6 months now.

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