My German Shepherd Husky mix, Remington

by Jason

My dog's name is Remington.

My mom and step dad own the parents and gave me a puppy.

Yes I do know the mom, not so much the dad.

I have two inside dogs and all three dogs are male. Remington loves other animals, and just wants to play. He doesn't fully submit to my oldest (more dominant dog) but he does not mess with him really.

The other dog he loves to play with and make him mad. He is so much bigger he picked up the smaller dog and threw him by the collar.

Remington is white with black and brown on his tail and back. He has brown eyes and by the time he was 4 months old I had him sitting before I fed him. He is very destructive with things but that is just his nature. He is 9 months old and is already about 50 lbs - standing on all fours comes up to my waist and I am 5' 6".

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