My puppy is a runt or the rescue lied

by Jen
(New Brunswick, NJ)

Cooper with his blanket and toys

Cooper with his blanket and toys

My pup is supposed to be half GSD and half Rottie...

He's less than half the standards right now at 4 months... (which according to the teeth mentions, he may not even be that old!!

I'm so upset.

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by: jen (op)

He is now 15 months old and capped out at 29 lbs in weight.

He is perfectly healthy and happy and I love him. Keeping him was never the issue.

Hes allergic to poultry so he only eats salmon and sweet potatoes, and dustmites (badly)... he needs immunotherapy injections.

We are guessing he's part border collie, and maybe Australian Shepherd... he's still small tho. About 24 in long and 22 high.

My GSD/ROTTI Looks the same
by: Anonymous

I have a GSD\Rotti and he looks EXACTLY like your pup. He weighs in at only 18 lbs at 14 weeks.

I was also wondering if he will grow as large as we hoped... Oh well, love him anyway!

Find a good home for her
by: Dr. MF

Find a good home for her if you are upset. This beautiful pup deserves someone who loves her for who she is. Meanwhile, let the rescue people know what you did, as they should know their deceit cost this poor, sweet puppy her home.

I do hope you first made sure she was healthy and you were feeding her well. I also hope you can read growth charts correctly: a german shepherd x rottie cross at 4 months old should weigh 30-40 lbs. Is she really less than 20, as you imply?

My puppy is a runt or the rescue lied...
by: Gracie Lee's Mom

Your pup is absolutely beautiful. He has great markings and is very stunning. We have had shepherd mixes and purebred shepherds throughout the years.

The purebred shepherd we have right now I chose myself from a private litter that happened by accident. She does not have papers and she was the 2nd to smallest pup out of a litter of 11.

I never choose a pup because of size, I always choose the pup for his/her personality. Smaller pups in a litter can easily outgrow the larger ones once they have their own home and the proper amount of quality food. Sometimes the smaller pups in the litter did not get as much food to grow because the bigger ones pushed them to the side during feeding time. Although my pup was the 2nd to smallest in the litter of eleven she has totally grown into herself and at 10.5 months she is over 70 lbs. Not sure of her exact weight.

She is going to the vet today to get a Lyme disease shot to protect her since our house is surrounded by woods. The most important thing is to give your pup the best care for him to grow strong in mind and body and he will repay you tenfold. Make sure he gets all his proper shots, flea protection, wormings, etc. and you will be surprised how fast he grows.

Food is very important. A good quality food will promote strong bones and a healthy coat. We feed our shepherd Natural Balance (beef flavor). You can find it in most of the larger pet stores. There are a variety of flavors and the food is awesome! The better the food the less waste in your yard and the dog actually absorbs a lot more nutrients.

The cheaper foods are filled with fillers and you actually feed twice as much and have twice as much waste to clean up.

And please remember one thing. Bigger is not always better!! The faster a dog grows the longer and thinner their bones. They are more prone to disease and hip dysplasia. The pup that eats well and grows slower will be eventually reach his potential and will be better for it.

If you want a great example, take a look at police dogs. Most are of average size and full of muscle. You see very few, if any, very large shepherds on the force. What you see are the average size powerhouses!!! LOL

Your pup is absolutely beautiful. Give him the best you can and he will return it tenfold. Love him for who he is and he will be your partner for many years!!!

Best of luck and thanks for sharing that beautiful little face!

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