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Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Border Collie German Shepherd MixDo you have a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix?

Then you likely have a smart, very energetic herding dog. And a heavy shedder.

Considered the smartest of all dog breeds, the border collie is a medium sized, energetic working dog. Bred as a farm hand, they are very intelligent, trainable and extremely hard working. As such, they require activity and ample exercise.

Border collies were first recognized by the AKC in 1995 where they are considered the workaholics of the dog world.

Their trademark feature is called, "the eye." They have a very intense stare. This eye contact can be intimidating and works well while they are herding.

Yes, these are hard working dogs. Even when injured.

Since they have strong herding instincts and will attempt to herd children and strangers, they do best with mature children. They love their families and will be somewhat reserved towards strangers.

Their coats can be rough or smooth and they require regular brushing. They stand between 17 and 21 inches at the shoulder and normally weigh between 38 and 52 pounds.

Border Collies can be prone to collie eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and osteochondritis.

German Shepherd Collie Mix

A border collie shepherd mix will be a great herder. They are both members of the herding group.

Border Collies and German Shepherds are both working dogs and require a lot of exercise.

They are also very smart. The border collie is considered the smartest dog, while the German Shepherd ranks at #3, behind poodles.

Border Collie German Shepherd MixBecause they are have such a high degree of dog intelligence, they need an outlet for their energy. Smart dogs can become very destructive when bored.

While both dogs are easy to train, and eager to please, they need guidance with a firm, but gentle hand. Socialization is also very important for both breeds.

German Shepherds are heavy shedders, while border collies shed moderately. Minimal baths are required, but proper grooming is important.

Famous German Shepherd Mix

A famous Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is Chips, a decorated war hero. He also had some husky blood in him.

Despite popular belief, Lassie is not a border collie but a rough coated standard collie.

Hemp, a purebred BC, is considered to be the father of the border collie breed.