Nula - Our Husky Shepherd Mix

by Robin Lepine
(Richmond, On)

Nula - Our Husky Shepherd Mix

Nula - Our Husky Shepherd Mix

Her name is Nula.

We rescued Nula from the Iqaluit Humane Society.

As far as we know, Nula was among a litter donated to the Iqaluit Humane Society, raised by volunteers for close to nine months, then through a program called Dog Run, was shipped to Quebec SPCA, where she was finally adopted by us.

In our household, Nula is an only dog. She basically grew up in the company of many dogs for the nine months. She is very social and fun around other pets,especially children and very affectionate.

Nula is now about 14 months old and is somewhat of a chewer. She has an abundance of chew toys and tasty bones. She is fully house trained, which is a nice option to having a new pet. She is lead -trained and although very strong, she is very comfortable on the lead even for our 11 yr old son.

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