Presley's HUGE @ 5.5 months

by Dan
(Waco, TX)

Presley weighs 66 lbs & he's not even 6 months old!!

His feet are enormous and one trainer says he will probably weigh well over 100 lbs by the time he's an adult...

I feed Presley the RAW 80-10-10 "prey-model" diet (ever since the TOTW recall in April) and it has been an amazing transformation!

Presley's coat is softer, his breath no longer smells rotten, his energy level is up, and best of all he goes to the bathroom ALOT LESS than before.

Because he isn't eating a bunch of processed fillers that dogs CAN'T digest like corn, wheat, rice, veggies (that's right, dogs can't digest veggies) etc., so he successfully digests and burns up most of what he eats, therefore less poop!!

YEH! And what little poop he has, is practically odorless...

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