Pure black GSD is growing like a tank!

by Graham
(New Zealand)

My Solid Black German Shepherd

My Solid Black German Shepherd

Bear is a pure black shepherd with long hair.

He came from a local breeder and is very much a purebred GSD.

He weighs 48.6 at only 9 months. He eats raw chicken carcass and dry round biscuits. His appetite is awesome!

We live rural so he's always on the go. Plus we do regular 4 to 6 k fast walks in the bush.

Bear is the most amazing dog we have had. He only ever wants to play with other animals including George the pig at the neighbours. There is zero aggression and he is full of love.

But he is a monster size wise and already weighing in at a staggering 48.6 kg at 9 months old. I read the average is about 31.5 kilo's. he's a big boy. God knows how big he's going to get.

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