Rockey - German Malinois Shepherd Puppy

by Michael
(Arecibo, Puerto Rico)

Rockey - German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix

Rockey - German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix

Rockey - German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix
Rockey - German Shepherd Malinois

Rockey is 12 weeks old puppy. His father is a German Shepherd and his mother is a Belgian Shepherd.

He is so far a true Diplomat representing honorably his heritage. He is a well tempered puppy whom shows very close attachment and loyalty to his human extended family. He is very watchful of his human pack leader by following me with a true dedication of loyalty. This trait was exhibited the same day he was brought home.

He likes going for an evening walk and displays himself in a dignified fashion. He is a balanced German/Malinois Shepherd puppy. He responds to the commands No, Sit, Down, and Stay.

He is allowed to roam around the house under supervision.

Rockey is crate trained and has been socialized to my other dogs which include an American Pit bull Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, and a Chihuahua. He has made friends as well with Kitty my male cat.

He also enjoys watching our chickens. He has been tempted to pursue a chase but has been corrected just in time. So at present he feels comfortable just to see them go by. He continues to be socialized to children, adults and other dogs. He has been already to obedience training as an observer, he will begin his formal training shortly.

The other day a grapefruit fell off the tree and Rockey went and fetched it. That has been his fetch "ball" until no longer serviceable. So I got him a real ball which he loves to fetch and bring to the Alpha dog (myself).

The German Malinois Shepherd needs proper training since they are highly driven and can be bored if they have no mental stimulation. They need an experienced handler with firm but gentle handling, otherwise they will become not respondents. They need to feel as part of the team...

I hope you have been motivated to train and or continue to socialize your dog/puppy.


See an update on Rockey's growth progress.

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Condolences Rockey RIP
by: Michael

Very sad to report Rockey was found dead this morning 6 July 2015.

All indications he was poisoned. He was four years and four months. He was a wonderful and loving team player, He took his job as a family dog and Guardian, always protecting his family against any intruder.

We salute him for a job well done. Have a good trip to the other side. RIP



So very sorry to hear this news. Always loved to hear updates of how you both were doing. I have no words and am completely in shock.

Godspeed Rockey. RIP buddy.


by: Jennifer

Thanks for the update! Was wondering how you both were getting along!

Rockey Update
by: Anonymous

Rockey is three now, he continues with same eagerness to protect his home and is very dedicated to his job. Very faithful to me and follows me around our 1 acre yard.

Excellent Puppy
by: Carlos

I love your update and articles on Rockey. After reading the articles I became so interested on Malinois puppies, so my wife the other day surprised me with a Malinois puppy for our wedding anniversary.

Thanks for your information.

Great Job Rockey
by: Anonymous

Great job with Rockey. It seems as consistency and persistence are the key elements to have a puppy learn at so an early age the socialization arena.

The German Malinois Shepherd seems to be earning much popularity, continue the good work.

Love your article...
by: Anonymous

Excellent!! Yeah I have a puppy malinois. And these dogs are incredible. Your article was very motivating in your effort to socialize your puppy. Hope you have lots of fun with your new puppy. ;-)

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