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Sentry Dogs

Commonly used by Military Police units, sentry dogs are considered the first line of defense. They normally patrol the perimeter of a specific location.

One of four specialties available after basic training, this highly trained spy dog is conditioned to give a warning growl or bark. Unlike scout or patrol dogs that are trained to work in silence.

Normally comprised of a German Shepherd and handler, the team typically works at night. Their mission is to "Detect, Detain and Destroy." Once a trained guard dog alerts the handler of a potential threat, backup is contacted. This can consists of a quick response team, tower or bunker guard or illumination via flares.

Though they may have different names, all branches of the military utilize this type of trained guard dog. The majority of these dogs and their handlers are trained at Lackland Air Force Base.

A protection guard dog, or dog spy, they patrol not only military bases, but also:

  • ammo depots
  • camps
  • communication areas
  • flight lines
  • naval installations
  • supply areas
  • other sensitive areas

Saving Lives

A sentry dog is invaluable for working in darkness when an attack is most likely. Their keen sense of sight and smell continues to fowl attempted surprise attacks.