Skye Blue Pack

by Mona
(South Carolina)

Skye Baby

Skye Baby

Greenville, SC Animal Shelter

When I met Skye for the 1st time they said she was a stray. They also told me she was about 6 mos. old. She is a mix of Alaskan husky/ German Shepherd. She had a brother there that was a totally different color

I didn't see her interact with her brother.

At the pound she was very loving and sweet. We got her home. We have an electric fence. Potty training was a breeze. I think she looks at me like I'm her Mom.

If I do something she doesn't like she can be spiteful. Like tearing the wiring off the garage door eyes. Call me crazy, but she is smart. She knows what she is doing.

She got mad at me 2 nights ago for paying my tomato plants more attention than her. Well needless to say, she knocked 1 over and 1 she took out of the container.

She doesn't get enough exercise, I'm disabled. But I don't like lap dogs. Help!

I love her very much and so do my grand kids!

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