Thor :)

by Sarah

Thor, my GSD Husky mix

Thor, my GSD Husky mix

His name is Thor! We found him on Craigslist.

I know nothing about his parents or background, I never saw pictures of the parents. The people my husband got him from said he was a German shepherd husky mix. And he shows it, he looks like a husky but has German Shepherd colors. He's a beautiful dog.

Is your dog an only dog? If not, how does your dog get along with her brothers and sisters?

We have a full blood black lab and Thor. We have to keep them separated. The lab stays at my mother-in-law's house up the road. The black lab is extremely protective of my husband. The lab (2 years old) attacked Thor when we first got him (he was 9 weeks old) so we have kept them separated since. Neither of the boys are fixed. Thor does not like other dogs or cats.

Thor is the best addition we could have added. He is very protective over myself, husband, and daughter. We purposely do not socialize him with anyone but us, just for the protection reason.

I have a 4 year old and he is EXCELLENT with her. She can do anything to this dog and he just takes it. Plus all his energy and hers they are perfect for each other :)

He has such a personality and he is our little entertainer. He makes us laugh so much, I think he sometimes forgets he's a dog and not a human. He does so many funny little
things and his personality is so fun and spunky. Yet he's gentle and laid back. He's an inside dog and he is LAZY. Until you take him outside then he wants to work, and play.

The shedding of hair is crazy! After I brush Thor I wonder how he even has hair left. If you're looking into getting a German Shepherd Husky mix: .

Thor hates baths. But it's a work in progress, we get them done. It seems to be getting easier each time. We have had him since 9 weeks and he's 1.5 now. Luckily he doesn't need one often.

Thor is the smartest dog I have ever owned. Teaching him tricks is a breeze he learns so quickly. House training him was so simple and easy.

I'm so happy with getting him. I've had big dogs all my life, and he's the perfect dog.

One thing I have found when researching this mix is that the husky in them comes out being a dog that has selective hearing, and I 100% believe this. When taking him out to potty he must be on a leash. He will not come to his name outside he's now 1.5 years old and this has been a struggle since day one. However when in the house he listens and comes just saying his name one time. Hopefully with time he can be off the leash for potty time.

I would for sure get another one of anything ever happened to my Thor. We love him!

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