German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia Treatment

A Natural Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Homeopathic treatment for hip dysplasia

If you have a German Shepherd, you have likely wondered if your dog has this affliction.

I worried when I got Schatzi as a puppy and saw her bunny hop (running with her back legs together). She also hesitated to jump and appeared to have some difficulty in rising. When she was x-rayed, there were some worrying signs.

While I never got her hips certified, I knew that even if they told me she was dysplastic, I would have strong hesitations to let her undergo any type of surgery.

After trying Arthro-IonX, I have not regretted that decision.

In scouring the web for alternative solutions to German Shepherd hip dysplasia, I stumbled across a product that actually works.

VETiONX created Arthro-IonX as a homeopathic treatment for hip dysplasia in dogs.

Arthro-IonA is a homeopathic/oligotherapeutic complex designed for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Oligo what?

Oligotherapy uses trace organic minerals to supplement the minerals necessary for proper enzyme function.

This holistic blend has been shown to relieve symptoms of hip dysplasia. And also increases energy, flexibility, mobility and overall health.

It's liquid, so it is easy to administer. Just pour it in your dog's water bowl. No horse pills or messy powders to worry about.

Why Use a Homeopathic Solution for Hip Dysplasia?

Canine hip dysplasia surgery is expensive and not without risks. There are also drugs designed for dogs and hip dysplasia issues:

  • carprofen (Rimadyl)
  • deracoxib (Deramaxx)
  • etodolac (EtoGesic)
  • firocoxib (Previcox)
  • meloxicam (Metacam)
  • tepoxalin (Zubrin)

But long term effects are unknown. And the impact on the liver and other organs may not be worth it.

Corticosteroids are also used to treat pain and inflammation in dogs with hip dysplasia. But both the short and long term side effects, restrict its use to the most severe cases of canine hip dysplasia.

Besides being natural, homeopathy seeks out the root of the problem, instead of just covering the symptoms.

Potential Solution for Dogs and Hip Dysplasia

If you are seeking a natural treatment for German Shepherd hip dysplasia, Arthro-IonX is worth a definite look.

Though three weeks are recommended, I saw the effects of Arthro-IonX within just a few days. Schatzi is still young, but she now acts like a complete puppy.

The company that makes it, VETiONX, guarantees quick relief with no side effects. If you have not noticed a difference within 60 days you will get your money back.