Cheyenne at 2 Months

by Corey G
(Phoenix, AZ)

GSD Puppy at 2 Months and 7.2 Pounds

GSD Puppy at 2 Months and 7.2 Pounds

Cheyenne was born on 2/1/2010. Currently weighs 7.2 pounds, female. This is my first GSD.

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Cute Puppy!
by: Anonymous

What a cute puppy! Give him lots of love and kisses. Spend lots of time with your puppy, they grow up so quickly. To help your puppy with the ears (this is advice we got from our breeder), provide lots of chewing toys, like pig ears while they are young. This helps with the strengthening of the ear muscle.

We have two shephards and two kids. Maybe we should have had more dogs instead. They're easy. At least they don't answer back when they are teenagers [dog years]. And you never have to call the dogs for tea - they seem to know.

One of my dogs is just 2 years. He stands on his back legs and two front legs on the window seal where I prepare their dinner every night. He talks to me in dog language, until he hears me tap the side of his bowl, then he comes running and sits by the door. Before I can open the door fully, he's helping with his nose to open the door the rest of the way.

Also watch their biscuits because puppies gulp, they don't chew, and can become bloated.

I love this site. Check out my submitted dog story if you get time, it's called Dress Up Time. True Story!

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