Tristan GSD and maybe collie mix

Tristan is almost 10 months old most likely, He is a rescue and they had to guess at his age.

I have been feeding him Purina pro plan large breed puppy food all this time. He seems healthy and is absolutely beautiful! Everyone comments on how beautiful he is.

Is Purina pro plan food a good food to feed him? His doctor says it is and his puppy trainer said yes also.

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Dog food
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have fed my dogs Pedigree for the past 10 years and have experienced trouble free health, no visit to the Vet except for shots. However, I recently got a German Malinois puppy and decided to go with Eukanuba large breed. The reason for this is that I found it has calcium and phosphorous for bone and joint development.

He is courteous and everybody only but good comments for his appearance and coat shine. So check on those ingredients. You can see him under Rockey, Malinois Shepherd mix.

Good luck.

Purina Dog Food
by: Jennifer

I would be careful with Purina dog food. The first four ingredients typically speak of the quality.

Purina normally lists corn as their first ingredient. This is a common allergen for dogs. As carnivores, their digestive systems are not designed to process carbohydrates. And corn is a common allergen for dogs.

If it works for your dog, I don't see a reason to change it, but be aware of signs of dog food allergies, such as itching, "gunky" ears, etc.

I feed my dogs Blue Buffalo dog food and I consistently get comments about their healthy appearance.

All the best to you and Tristan!


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