Eevee is a BIG GSD??

by Lupe

So my dog is 75 lbs and is gonna be 7 months in a week. Everyone is so scared of her because of how big she is. I can see she isn’t following the growth chart, but is it weird for her to be getting that big?

She is just a big furry baby. She isn’t fat, you can see it’s all muscle. So is it abnormal?

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different shepherd breed
by: Brandon

This is the big breed of the German Shepherds. They grow faster and bigger and weigh a lot more then most German Shepherds.

To Lupe
by: Susan

Not to worry about your large baby! At that age mine weighed 80 lbs and also did not, nor still does, have an an ounce of fat - truly is not anywhere filled as yet...

We knew he would be huge when we got him as his bone structure was very large and we wanted large.

Next week he will be 1 yr old and weighs 107 - he slowed down totally a couple of months ago. We figure at 2 he might be around 115 or more and there is absolutely nothing unusual about him at all --- just enjoy and don't worry about size and in fact enjoy you got a big one and just love your critter to the max, that is all that counts!

Dog growing too FAST!
by: Anonymous

If you feed your dog too much and he grows too big, too fast he could get hip dysplasia. Don't believe me... ask your VET! Proper diet and exercise are the keys to health. Just cause you want your dog to grow faster doesn't mean they should.

large puppy
by: debbie with Kai

Kai my cream and black long haired GSD had his six month check last week and weighed in at 41 kilo but the vet said he was absolutely fab and in great shape.

He is fed a completely raw diet. Kai is big boned and has a lovely straight back and all his litter mates even though weigh slightly less are all big pups and doing well. I do feel though he is beginning to slow down now.

His temperament is to die for and he loves all he meets. We have worked very hard on socialising him with everything and everyone and feel this is now really paying off.

Well we like Large GSDs...
by: Susan

We are in our early 70's and have had GSDs for over 40 years. Our new son - Jesse James - yeah we like outlaws Lol!

Anyhoo, Jesse is not quite 6 months yet, but is going on 70 lbs, and is 24 at the withers - our largest yet and we call him "Dogus Gigantus!" His confirmation is perfect and only time will tell how large he does in fact become -- but point taken -- it is not the size but the temperament.

Jesse is so into find and seek on his own that he may be the first GSD we enroll for a true service dog, and of course is the new and current love of our lives.

Love your critter, no matter the size, large or small...there is nothing better than GSDs!

Big Alsatians
by: Tom

I've had mostly big GSD's. Out of 4, 2 male-2 female, only 1 female was normal physical size. However she was the most difficult to train and had a neurotic temperament which she never lost. She was 60-65lbs at her heaviest.

The others, 2 males at 115-120 lbs and my current female who is 97 lbs. First male was a black and tan, second male was full black and long coated. Both of these were supreme examples of GSD's. Excellent temperament with anyone.

Both dogs did have 1 incident each with malicious strangers and acted very protectively, one resulting in a bite that was justified. The were very calm, intelligent, loyal, again typical GSD's.

My current female is all of the above but she is a little spunkier than the males. She plays a bit more aggressively with other dogs and prefers to herd them. All 3 were more straight backed. The first female was a bit sloped. No hip dysplasia in any of them though the current female does have pannus (eye disorder) that is being treated and has only mild affects on her vision. She is 6.5 yrs.

I prefer the larger GSD's with straight backs and would avoid smaller ones with sloped backs. Personally, I think a 75 lb male is small. He should be 90-115 lbs. She should be 85 to 100 lbs.

Big 7 month old too...
by: Anonymous

Our Simon just turned 7 months on Monday and weighed in at 81#. He has tracked ahead of the growth chart from day one. Our vet is not worried about him and says "he is perfect" :)

by: big boy

They said it wasn't normal for my dog when he was full grown. He weighed 176 - everyone was scared of him but once they got to know him they thought he was the nicest dog.

He was solid muscle until he was 13 years old and then he got hip dysplasia. He lived to be 15.

Now i have another gsd. She's 5 mo and weighs 57 pounds. She wont be as big as Prince. I'm just hoping we can enjoy her just as long.

Eevee is a BIG GSD
by: Pearl Rigg (uk)

Some lines of gsd grow faster than others.

It's not such a good thing though for them to grow too fast as it hinders good bone formation.

But having said that, my male gsd was 45 kg at 7 months old and 50 kg at maturity and he is still quite sound at 10 years old.
Also some gsd lines are larger than others.

I've known males that are no heavier than 32 kg and others are 55 kg.There is no hard and fast rule.

Too big is not correct as the gsd should be a medium size dog.

But I like a big gsd. Temperament is more important than size though.

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