Milou - On The Small Side

by Sarah
(Los Angeles, CA)

Curious girl - GSD Puppy Milou

Curious girl - GSD Puppy Milou

We got our little Milou when she was about 11 weeks old after she was dumped in a front yard. She was left with a note around her neck saying "2-3 month old GSD" but we're not sure if she's 100% GSD. Our vet seems to think she is a pure coated GSD, likely from a backyard breeder and thus not particularly good American stock but she was too sweet, smart and beautiful to turn down. She was really ribby, had worms and weighed in at about 22 lbs with food in her belly.

She is now 15 and a half weeks, has been wormed and given her first two sets of puppy shots. She weighs 28-29 lbs depending on whether she's eaten. I have read that she should weigh considerably more, almost 36 pounds now, but I think it may be due to her diet.

We feed her an exclusively raw diet, both homemade and commercial. The staple is chicken though she gets beef, duck, turkey and salmon as well. She seems to gain more on our homemade diet (chicken and beef with pureed kale, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, blueberries, and raw meaty bones) than on her Stella and Chewy commercial diet, though she is a picky eater and will try to refuse food. I have read that kibble, especially puppy food, can highly accelerate puppy growth putting strain on bones and joints. It seems normal than that she might grow slow and steady on a raw diet.

Does anyone else feed their GSD raw food? Have you charted their growth and noticed slower than normal growth?

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My pup is small also
by: Cheyenne's mom

I have a 5 month old female GSD who is only 37 pounds. She is on BilJac dry for large breed puppies. My other GSDs weighed in at 115 lbs (male adult) and 110 lbs female (passed away a 13 yrs of age). Cheyenne is a lot smaller.

Your pup looks like a purebred GSD, probably long-haired which is still a GSD. She is absolutely gorgeous! You are so fortunate and so is she!

by: Anonymous

Do you want to post where you get the food from... a link of some sort?

21 Week Update
by: Sarah

Thank you! Milou does seem to be growing slow and steady. She's 21 weeks and about 34lbs now.

We're feeding her a balanced 100% raw diet made by an excellent breeder of police/working/show GSDs who ships it to us frozen. We were making it ourselves but were too concerned about properly balancing nutrients, especially during crucial periods of growth. We treat her with bully sticks/Zuke's salmon treats and supplement with chicken legs/thighs when she wants a snack between meals.

She's still considerably behind according to the chart but she's filled out and is healthy so we try not to worry about it. My guess is that like other raw fed dogs, she'll probably catch up eventually. In the meantime, she's a very energetic, cheerful girl and we're really enjoying watching her grow up.

Yuri's Owner
by: Ahmed Hammad

You have a beautiful dog and btw she is a pure breed GSD only she has a longer coat.

As for the raw diet, my boy Yuri is 6 months now and has been on raw for 2 months. It does slow their growth down which is a good thing actually and this is the way they are supposed to grow in nature.

Commercial dog food has a lot of proteins and carbs in it that spark a lot of growth spurts. This can affect his joint and bones development leading to common problems like hip dysplasia and stuff like that.

Yuri was on the smaller side. He didn't keep up with the charts til like a few weeks back - he started to slowly catch up and now he is almost as big as the charts said they should be if not even bigger. And he is healthier. Only make sure you balance out her diet.

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