Pepper, the Best Dog Ever

by Becky
(Goldsboro, NC)

My dog's name is Pepper.

A family friend owned a female Shepherd/Husky mix,and he bred her with a full blooded Shepherd. I don't know much else about her parents or background.

There were 5 puppies in the litter. My son picked out one of the females before her eyes were open!

Our next door neighbors took the only male in the litter. Brother and sister grew up together. Also, we have dog-sat many times. She has never had a problem getting along.

Pepper is 13 now, and starting to have some health issues. She is part of our family, and it hurts me to see her hurting. No money for a vet visit. She still greets us at the door, but she is a little slower now.

She seems to injure herself quite often when she gets excited and tries to run and play like a puppy. She will limp for several days, and have trouble going up and down the porch steps. Please pray for our baby girl.

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Oct 21, 2014
Thoughts and Prayers for Pepper
by: Jennifer

Poor Pepper. She sounds like a lovely dog!

If she is having trouble with mobility, you might try Arthro-IonX. I got it for Schatzi when she showed signs of hip dysplasia / panosteitis and it worked quite well.

I've also heard it works very well for arthritis in dogs which it sounds like Pepper may have.

All my best to you and Pepper.

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